Barry Colenso – a chocolate clock and mulled wine truffles

What has Master Chocolatier Barry Colenso  been up to? – Lucy, his partner, gives us the latest:

chocolate clock“Inevitably it’s crazy here because of the season and  Barry has been madly busy creating a gigantic chocolate clock for the Dublin department store, Clerys.

The clock was unveiled on December 3rd and Barry has been everywhere in the Irish news, on TV and radio. Read all about it.

In between jetting off to Dublin, pulling his hair out and gazing at clock mechanisms, Barry has been busy creating his Christmas chocolates.

They are a mix of simple but classic chocolate-covered nuts and fruits, chocolate Santas and also Barry’s truffles.

He has made some mulled wine truffles especially for Abergavenny;  a delicious milk shell around a port wine and winter spice truffle… almost as good as the real thing too. (I’m already addicted).

Partly as a result of the clock and also because of his exacting standards, all his chocolates have been made as close to the Fair as possible so that everyone can enjoy them at their best.

I also suspect he gets a kick out of putting me under more pressure to then pack them!” Visit Barry’s stall at the Christmas Fair, Sunday 9 December. Pick up your site map on the day.

Barry’s special Tutored Tasting  – Chocolate from Bean to Bar – takes place on Sunday 9 December at 3.30pm in the Angel Hotel Ballroom, Abergavenny. Tickets are £6.00 Buy online now (they can be printed off at home)

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