Single Cask Whisky – a snap-shot in time

Single Cask Whiskies

Looking for something really special for Christmas? How about a bottle of Single Cask Whisky says Martin Orbach.

What is that? you may well ask. (I did)

Let me refer you to the pellucid prose of none other than The Whisky Evangelist, Eddie Ludlow:

Single Cask Is a snapshot in time of a whisky from a distillery. A unique opportunity to taste whisky in it’s purest form, normally with no added water at source. With every cask from any distillery containing minute or even massive differences, each bottling contains a different flavour conundrum waiting to be unlocked.

Eddie Ludlow

Independently bottled casks are often bought and sold by companies whose sole aim is to bottle whiskies at their prime. With no interference from the distilling company, these companies bottle the whisky when they feel it’s ready, normally at cask strength. With not so much marketing gumpf or fancy packaging, these often offer great value for money.”

(Taken from ‘Whisky According to Me’ by Eddie Ludlow, currently going through pre-production in his mind.)

Single cask whiskies are of course single malts and can be anything from 15 to 40 years old. They are, by their very nature, ‘connoisseurs whiskies’ and they are of course one-offs. When they are gone, they are gone.  They are typically bottled in 20cl bottles which has the advantage of making a super-premium product available at an affordable price. Nonetheless they will set you back anything from twenty to fifty pounds per bottle.

You can buy The Whisky Lounge’s Single Cask Bottlings from their stall in the Market Hall at our Christmas Food & Drink Fair on Sun 9 December).

Or better still find out exactly what to buy by attending Eddie’s Tutored Tasting in the Angel Hotel Ballroom (Sun 9 December, 2.00pm). You will not only get the chance to taste a number of these precious bottles but you will also get the benefit of Eddie’s encyclopaedic knowledge of the whisky business.

Tickets cost £7.50 but you can reclaim £2.50 of this when you make a purchase from The Whisky Lounge Stall. Buy online now

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