A festive recipe from Cradocs

Allie Thomas of Cradoc’s Savoury Biscuits says they’re going plain crackers this Christmas, with a range of two sourdough-style biscuits to chum up with cheese. They launched their new-look packaging at the AFF in September and met some trade buyers keen to stock their products.  So this mother and daughter team are flat out baking and packing. And best of all Waitrose will be stocking their unique golden baked vegetable crackers in Wales before Christmas.
They tried a new recipe last week – and want to share it. It’s easy, (ideal for kids)
Cradocs Munching Crunching Lunchington Biscuits   
Allie says:
Get a cup (if it’s a large cup you’ll have lots of biscuits) full of muesli.
  • A word or two about the  muesli. Use a muesli with lots of raisins, small kibbled nuts and seeds, or your favourite. I haven’t tried this with a tropical version, but if it floats your banana boat why not? You might want to pick out and eat the hazelnuts and Brazils before you start, or anything which might give you rolling problems. I used a cheap muesli, so didn’t have this problem!
  • Pour boiling water over the muesli to cover and leave for one minute.
  • Strain the muesli and drain off the water and leave it to cool for a moment or two.
  • With a spoon start to mix the muesli until it forms a mush – it will get harder to mix – that’s when, if it’s cool enough, you get your clean hands in and knead it until you’ve got a soft ball.
  • Divide the dough into small balls and roll these out in a small circles, about the size of a saucer , thin, thin, thin. Use plenty of oatmeal or oat bran to stop it sticking to the table. ( You can use wheat flour too.)
  • Use a palette knife to get it on to the baking tray (bear with …. It’s worth it! ) and cut it up like a pizza.
  • Bake @ 140 degrees in a fan oven for 15 minutes to dry them out – don’t let them get too brown, turn the oven right down if they cook too fast, burnt raisins are not good. These keep well in an air tight container, if you can resist them.
  • Munch the crunchy little triangles with Patchwork Pate,  Trealy Farm charcuterie or Rhian’s gorgeous River Pickles Deeelicious !     
“Visit our stand at the Christmas Fair and taste savoury yumminess to go with all your Christmas treats.” Cradocs are on facebook
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