Cheese and Whites

At last. We have the set-list for what promises to be a highly stimulating session on Saturday evening at Homes of Elegance says Martin Orbach

Tom Harrow

Tom Harrow

We are not of course proposing pairing cheese with the kind of ‘whites’ that the late great Lowell George recommended  in his epic truck drivers anthem Willin’.

That would be bizarre. And illegal.

But we are planning to  break the rules.  The rule in question  being that which dictates that when it comes to cheese you break out that nice bottle of claret or perhaps some crusty old port.

Not according to wine guru Tom Harrow who is never knowingly found thinking inside the box. Tom argues that white wines can make just as good companions for cheese as reds, and he’s planning to prove the point.

Tom has been popping round to South Kensington to meet cheese specialist Eric Charriaux in his intoxicatingly delicious shop La Cave a Fromage and together they have been doing the homework.

So what’s in store?

As Eric explains  on the first couple of pairings they are following ‘la route de terroir’. Or – as we say – ‘what grows together goes together.’

So we have a Valencay unpasteurised goats cheese paired with a Sauvignon from the same province. Valencay in the region of Berry was the first French province to achieve an AOC both for its cheese and wine. And as a bonus we will have both a young Valencay and a mature one to taste.

Following the logic, we will be tasting a Langres cheese alongside its vinicultural cousin,  Champagne. This one will be tasted à la champenoise with the wine poured over the cheese.

Next will be a chance to try a couple of British cheeses – Montgomery Cheddar and Lincolnshire Poacher –  alongside a white Burgundy from Montagny. And to conclude an unusual sparkler Cremant de Bordeaux matched with a Vacherin Mont d’Or. Vacherin is a seasonal cheese from the Jura,

Eric Charriaux (left) with colleague Amnon Paldi

Eric Charriaux (left) with colleague Amnon Paldi

traditionally made with the winter milk when the cows come down from the high pastures .

I’m not sure how they’re going to pack all that in but – unphased by such trivialities – Eric and Tom are promising to further raise the levels of excitement by auctioning a magnum of each of the wines tasted, alongside its cheese pairings.

Blimey!  After that we’ll all need a drink.

Saturday 8 December: Cheese and Whites – Tom Harrow and Eric Charriaux. 6.00 – 7.00pm at Homes of Elegance, 7 Mill Street, Abergavenny NP7 5HE. Tickets £7.00. Buy online now

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I thought it was Sunday 9th December as one of the first members of British Cheese Co. we would have been very interested Ann 7 Brian Forde

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