Grow It! Raglan Garden Centre Sows Seeds of Success

The people at Raglan Garden Centre know a lot about growing things – whether it’s flowers, food, seeds or saplings. Now they have turned their attention to ‘growing’ gardeners of the future as they come on board as sponsors of the Children’s Food Academy at the 2010 Abergavenny Food Festival.

As families engage once again with the simple delights of producing their own food – on allotments or in their own gardens – Raglan Garden Centre is keen to help children get a real feel for the whole process – and have fun too! Central to the sponsorship is some very hands-on support for an innovative schools project called ‘Grow Your Own Soup’.

Five secondary schools (Caldicot, Chepstow, Crickhowell, King Henry and Monmouth) have risen to the challenge and will be digging, sowing and nurturing fabulous veg, herbs and salads with materials donated from Raglan Garden Centre.

Each school will develop their own soup recipes with the help of the Centre’s chef at the SugarLoaf café . A competition will be held in school and the best soup chosen to go forward to the final at the food festival. Harvested ingredients will be used in the grand cook-off.

Raglan Garden Centre managers will taste and judge all the soups on the day – and they’ll also have the happy task of awarding a prize of garden equipment to the winning school.

Martin Davies, Managing Director of Raglan Garden Centre says “This inspiring project will enable students to find out about growing, cooking and nutrition through personal experience – to see the whole process of food production from seed to plate.”

“We have sponsored The Food Academy as this is the ideal environment to engage with children and young people. We want to get the message across that learning about food from an early age is key to making informed choices about what we eat throughout life.”

This year’s Food Academy will feature a rolling programme of interactive cookery workshops from bread-making to falafel-making. There will be something to inspire every child to learn to cook and eat something new.

For more information on the Raglan Garden Centre and the SugarLoaf Café please visit

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