Petals of the Valley Fresh Rosewater to launch at Festival

Welsh Rosewater – Cook with the fragrance of summer all year round

Welsh Rose WaterWelsh Rosewater, made from pure, natural ingredients, grown and made in Wales is being launched at the Abergavenny Food Festival this year. Believed to be the first rosewater in the UK to be approved as a food ingredient, Petals of the Valley’s rosewater is rich in natural oil and flavour.

The fragrant Rosa Damascena roses are only distilled once in a traditional copper still then matured in glass demi-johns. These delicate roses have to be picked at dawn in order to capture the maximum rose oil content before it dissipates over the day. The result is rosewater rich in oil and flavour with no preservatives.

Rosewater was traditionally used for flavouring before the advent of vanilla and as such can often be used in place of vanilla in recipes. Think cakes, puddings, drinks, sweets.

Petals of the Valley Ltd can be found in the Souk at The Priory where you can taste their rosewater’s unique, fragrant, fresh and delicious floral flavour and
find inspiration for cooking with Rosewater on their website.

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