Three of our SweetieFest exhibitors

SweetieFest founder, Adele Nozedar gives some background on some of the companies who’ll be with us at our Christmas Fair on Sunday 8 December.

brays 2

BRAYS OF NEWPORT : A long-established confectionery company in South Wales, the Bray family are something of a grand dynasty in the world of sweeties, the Confectionery Royalty of the Valleys, if you will. And back in 1896 it was a member of this illustrious family that sold the recipe to John Mackintosh for a very special kind of toffee.. Yes, THAT toffee.. and how great to know it originated in Wales! For Mackintosh, the rest is history. Today, Brays make a remarkable range of sweeties which export all over the world, including their famous Lossin Dant mints… with the Bray family still at the helm. Perhaps the oddest fact about this amazing company is that they are the world’s largest supplier of fart-flavoured sweets to the former Soviet union. Try them at Sweetiefest.

Capture candy

CANDYCO OF TROONHave you ever had the chance to taste Tablet, Soor Plooms or Tatties? At  Sweetiefest you’ll get the opportunity, because Candyco of Troon are coming all the way from the beautiful west coast of Scotland to introduce us to mind-blowingly delicious Scottish delicacies, many of which are rarely spotted south of the Border. It’s fair to say that if there was a sweetie ’empire’ of the UK then Scotland would be it. Chris, who founded the company, learned to makes sweeties when he was just a wee nipper, taught in arts of sall things sugary and sweet by his granny. His small factory in Troon is charming, many of the sweets made by hand using equipment that’s over 100 years old. How about that for vintage!

Capture riley

ELLA RILEY’SOnce upon a time, Rileys Chocolate Toffee Rolls was one of the most famous sweeties in all the land. And the secret formula for the amazingly delicious sweets was written down on a piece of paper by Ella Riley, the paper enclosed in a book of recipes. Various take-overs meant that the illustrious Riley name eventually ended up belonging to the gigantic multinational, Kraft. In the meantime, Ella’s old recipe book was handed down to her granddaughter, Freya, who tried the recipe and found that she was very good indeed at making toffees: family and friends couldn’t get enough of the stuff and Freya and her hubby Steve started making and selling them commercially. But what a shame that Freya’s precious family name was owned by a huge corporation. Was it possible for the young couple to wrest that name back from the giants? Yes! Find out how they did it, with patience and perseverance, and discover just what a success story they have made of that recipe by trying the end result! As well as selling sweeties, Freya and Steve will be making toffee LIVE in the Corn Exchange.
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