The Abergavenny SweetieFest Sweetie Hero Award

Adele Nozedar

SweetieFest will announce the winner of an original new award at the Abergavenny Christmas Food and Drink Fair on Sunday 8 December. The ‘Abergavenny SweetieFest Sweetie Hero Award’ will highlight services to the British confectionery industry.

SweetieFest curator and author Adele Nozedar commented:

“The process of choosing the winner for this first award was possibly unconventional, but certainly easy. There were no longlists or shortlists and no heated debates over bottles of burgundy. No money changed hands and there were no attempts to nobble the judges … because there weren’t any judges.

I travelled the country recently in search of our greatest sweeties and also the heroes who make them. It became apparent to me that both the industry itself and the personalities involved in it need recognition. And so I chose someone that embodied all the quirkiness, shrewdness, innovation and sheer hard work ethic that I’d seen in my travels.

And I can promise you, the manufacturing industry is certainly not dead when it comes to confectionery.  I think this is good news for several reasons and I hope the award goes some way towards celebrating this.

Nottingham Goose FairThe design of the award itself is based on an ancient sweet, the Cock on a Stick, that is available only at the Nottingham Goose Fair. This unusual confection is perfectly innocent – essentially a giant rooster made of colourful boiled sugar (although google searches might suggest otherwise). The glass artist Laney Mead of Hereford has rendered the rooster for the trophy in glass.

I had in mind a murano glass Cock on a Stick and met Laney at a craft fair. I noticed she was wearing a necklace with a chicken on so I asked her if she might be able to do it. Luckily, she turned out to be an expert in making lamp glass, which is the same process used in Murano.”

The Inaugural SweetieFest Award

The Inaugural SweetieFest Award

The award will be given immediately after Adele and Karl Cheetham of Gliffaes have completed making a gigantic Curly Wurly in Abergavenny’s Market Hall at 4pm on 8th December. This event forms part of the chef dems which take place all day – all part of the Christmas Fair Stroller ticket experience.

Laney Mead can be contacted via her website

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