Grillstock – smoulderin’ heat at Abergavenny Food Festival 2013

grillstock_bbqSauceGrillstock joins the Abergavenny Food Festival for the first time, bringing Meat, Music and Mayhem to the Welsh countryside – cooking up their core range of American inspired dishes. Abergavenny visitors will have the chance to try delicious Grillstock 18 hour Hickory smoked pulled pork served in a soft bun with slaw – true low n slow barbecue at its best.  It’s all happening at The Castle.

Omar Allibhoy

Omar Allibhoy

There will be cooking demonstrations to inspire Pit Master in everyone from Ben Tish with his take on ribs to Omar Allibhoy and his spatchcock pigeon. Rufus Carter will show the crowd how to make perfect homemade burgers and Gary Nugent will reveal the art of Low n Slow cooking.

Once inspired attendees can visit the merchandise area where there will be a multitude of high quality, hard-to-find barbecue products for sale. Take the spirit of barbecue home with Grillstock sauces.  All natural and made in the UK they have been developed by founders Jon Finch and Ben Merrington and are used day in day out in the Grillstock Smokehouses. Recreate Grillstock’s famous 18 hour Hickory smoked pulled pork with a set of Bear Claw meat shredders – the perfect tool for turning a lovely slow cooked pork shoulder into pulled pork like a professional American Pit Master.

To get the fire started pick up the patented, environmentally friendly Looftlighter will be that ignites charcoal, briquettes, wood, hardwood and pellets in 60 seconds without any use of lighter fluid or other chemicals. hammacherschlemmer_60_second_grill_lighter_fOr go the whole hog and order a ProQ smoker – barbecue, grill, roast or smoke to your heart’s content using Premium quality wood in Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Oak or Beech.

Grillstock at the Castle is part of the many experiences on offer across five venues. All accessed with a five-venue stroller ticket. Buy online now or from one of the Festival’s ticket points at the weekend. View the Grillstock Festival web page here

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