Rude Health Rants at Festival

Every year some of the brightest and most passionate stars of the food world take to the Rude Health Rants stage at the Castle.  They’re fearsome, feisty, and in some cases downright controversial.

Forget the US presidential election. All shades of opinion will be in the spotlight. Don’t sit back and take it. If you like what they have to say – cheer; if you don’t – then heckling is welcomed. What will they be doing? It’s all coming together, but here’s a brief selection.

Tom Hunt (Ludlow Food Centre) is sick of health & safety standards and lack of common sense.  Rufus Carter (Patchwork Traditional Food Company) comes all over patriotic in the wake of the Olympics. His ‘Best of British’ from a food perspective might be a little left-of-field. Sally Butcher (Persopolis) has a Five Point Cornershop Manifesto – pet hates and a rallying call to shop local. Richard Arnold (Proper Welsh Milk Company) puts bottled milk in the ring for a bout with bottled water. Beer-writer Pete Brown explodes Britain’s beer-bingeing myth. Jon Brown (Bocaddon Farm Veal) says it’s cruel not to eat veal. And James Chase (Chase Distillery) gets spirited about spirits.

Other performers include fiery chef Cyrus Todiwala and baking supremo Richard Bertinet. Enjoy two days of soap-box salvos and ‘rude’ rhetoric.

Full schedule /timings will be available at The Castle.

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