Get Baking with The Fabulous Baker Brothers

Appearing in the Borough Theatre at the Abergavenny Food Festival, the Fabulous Baker Brothers are inviting you to Get Baking.

As part of their talk they will be exploding some of the myths surrounding making sourdough. They will be bringing their own 57 year old sourdough culture, showing how the culture is used in bread-making and sharing their sourdough loaves with the audience.

They will also be demonstrating the Epic Trencher that fans may have seen in their first TV series. This simple yet spectacular creation encapsulates what the Brothers are all about; practical ways to turn  affordable ingredients –in this case flour, water, and Hanger Steak [aka skirt]  –  into food that looks cool and tastes delicious.

To encourage you to join the Baking Revolution, they will be giving everyone who attends their talk a portion of their sourdough starter to take home. As Tom says ‘ Sourdough has the potential to be more viral than Facebook. You can pass on the culture and it can live forever.’

This event takes place in the Borough Theatre on Sunday 16 September at 3.00pm. Tickets cost £6.00. Book online now

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2 Responses to Get Baking with The Fabulous Baker Brothers

  1. Great, can’t wait. Have recently tried making the burger rolls using a tablespoonful of sourdough starter but instead of adding water to mix used flat cider – great result!

  2. Norman says:

    I don’t actually know any of the myths surrounding sourdough, except it’s supposed to be nice….

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