Flavour SenseNation at Abergavenny

Flavour SenseNation at Abergavenny
Appearing at The Castle – 15 & 16 September
Flavour SenseNation is an exciting new interactive event that explores the ways we use each of our senses.
Thanks to funding from the Wellcome Trust, the fantastic support of Sensory Scientist Dr Lisa Methven and the multi-talented Professor Peter Barham; Lulie Biggs and Kianna Bahrami from the creative production company ActionDog CIC, have been able to explore their passion for food and flavour and devise this event.es to inform our experience of food and flavour.
Popular with an audience of all ages, Flavour SenseNation provides an entertaining and fascinating, personalised journey through the senses, with activities that include:
·         Map your tongue and identify which of your taste buds are most sensitive to the five basic tastes.
·         Discover how and why food textures can influence the enjoyment of food,
·         Explore how different sounds can enhance the appreciation of flavour.
·         Test your ability to identify aromas
·         Investigate how preconceptions can impair our sensory skills.
At the cutting edge of food trends, Flavour SenseNation provides tastings, pairings, challenges, surprises and tricks that will entertain and educate.

Facebook – Flavour SenseNation
Twitter – Flavour SenseNation@flavoursense
For more information contact Lulie Biggs / Kianna Barhami – info@actiondog.net
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