Cradocs Savoury Biscuits go crackers

New-look packaging for Cradoc’s

Allie and Ella Thomas (mother and daughter) have given their company, Cradoc’s Savoury Biscuits a new twist. They’ve teamed with Allison Murray Design to create a perfect wholesale pack solution for their new products.

The girls are launching the new-look packaging with just three vegetable crackers and two water-biscuits at the festival. This will ensure that their lunch, cocktail and cheeseboard biscuits get to their top-table destination in perfect condition.

They’ve a range of speciality savouries, but you’ll want to try their Golden Baked Vegetable Crackers – real winners.  Crisp and light, made with fresh vegetables, chopped and pulped, juiced and roasted, they are truly unique. These seriously delicious crackers come in three flavours: beetroot and garlic,  chili, ginger and garlic, and spinach and celery seed.

And when it comes to water biscuits the bakers know what works best for cheese-lovers.  Cradocs water biscuits offer the simplest and cleanest flavours. Made with Brecon Carreg mineral water, free from added Chlorine or Fluoride, drawn from beneath the Black Mountain they are produced using British flours to make both a delicious yeast-free salted sourdough and an earthy 100%  whole-wheat biscuit . Nutty with poppy and sesame, they are perfectly light, crisp-bite biscuits for cheese.

Visit them at Lion’s Place – our Cheese & Wine venue.

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