Cheese Makers’ Market

If you’re a cheese-lover and thinking about a day out you should have a look at The Cheese Makers’ Market taking place in Beaconsfield on April 14th.

Cheese on display

This is the second Cheese Makers’ Market and it is organised by our friends at Premier Cheese, Eric Charriaux and Amnon Paldi.

Eric and Amnon have been regulars at Abergavenny Food Festival for several years and have presided over a number of wonderful cheese-tasting events, most recently their presentation of Comté cheeses from different farms and at different ages.

They are cheese affineurs; that is to say that they buy-in cheeses, ripen them and supply them in perfect condition to restaurateurs all over the UK. They specialise in artisan cheeses from all over the UK, France, Italy and Spain. They currently stock over 200 British cheeses.

Visitors to the market

More recently they launched La Cave a Fromage, their delightful retail shop, near South Kensington Tube Station where they sell a fantastic range of cheeses and an interesting selection of wines and charcuterie, including Trealy Farm, and hold regular cheese tasting evenings.

Eric and Amnon are also keen marketeers. They love to be out there selling cheese and talking to customers. As well as Abergavenny they have been regulars at the Real Food Festival and numerous London street markets.

The Cheese Makers’ Market is a wonderfully straight-forward idea. It is a market. There is no entry charge. Just turn up and be surrounded by cheese. Buy, taste, eat, chat cheese. What could be simpler.

But like the swan gliding effortlessly on the water there are unseen feet paddling away busily below the surface. In this case the feet, or rather hands, are Eric and Amnon’s. It is their huge network of connections among cheese-makers and their intimate knowledge of all aspects of the cheese business  that makes this elegantly simple affair possible.

They are hoping to have as many as 80 cheese makers present, including one or two from mainland Europe. Master of Wine Tim Atkin will be on hand to introduce some cheese and wine pairings and they have a ‘pop-up’ restaurant Le Croc where now do doubt you will get a very fine Croc Monsieur.

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