Black Mountain Mineral Water Company re-launches ‘century old water’

A century-old water! Now that’s a refreshing idea. The Abergavenny Food Festival’s water sponsor, Black Mountain Mineral Water Company knows that its bottled water has firm roots in the past.

Anyone who thinks of bottled water is a (relatively) new-fangled idea had better think again. The newest water to launch comes from the Welsh borders – but it was first enjoyed over a century ago.

The village-hall of Longtown, in the foothills of the Black Mountain on the Herefordshire/Welsh border, was the bottling plant in Edwardian times for spring water extracted from under the Hatterrall Hill. Now, in a high-tech and contemporary setting, the water is flowing once more.

The Black Mountain Mineral Water Company, already well-known for its Celtic Vale brand of bottled water, has revived the traditional 100-year-old brand with the launch of Hatterrall Ridge Premium Spring Water.

Owned and run by a  local family who have farmed the land since the 1800s, the company began 17 years ago. Melanie Watkins, the family member responsible for Sales & Marketing, explains:

“We’ve come a long way from our cottage industry origins, our modern purpose built bottling facility has been expanded in 2010 to accommodate production of the new brand.  Our Mineral Water is sold under the established ‘Celtic Vale’ label and now, building on our success in the industry we have expanded to introduce a product for the “high end” market, particularly aimed at the hospitality industry.”

“The Hatterrall Ridge name links the product to its place of origin and the exceptional quality bottled water that has been produced in the area for almost a century. Far from being a new fad, this underlines just how much people have for decades enjoyed and valued this wonderful and refreshing drink”.

For further information about Hatterrall Ridge Spring Water please call 01873 860 295 or visit the website.

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