Cafe Spice Namaste goes native this festival weekend

Chef Cyrus Todiwala and his wife Pervin dare Abergavenny Food Festival goers to find out for themselves when Mr Todiwala’s Organic Bombay Bangers and Seven Spice Burgers are served up in the castle grounds this weekend.

It’s an open secret, however, that they’ve gone native. The passionate proprietors of Cafe Spice Namaste in London are using organic produce from Lord Newborough’s renowned Rhug Estate, suppliers they’ve counted on in the past for their landmark Indian restaurant’s special menus, including the current Goan Speciality Menu running until the end of September.

Last month, Café Spice Namaste was awarded Three-Star Sustainability Champion status by the Sustainable Restaurant Association.

‘The Rhug Estate are reliable and have an impeccable reputation as a business, which is what makes them so good to deal with. And of course their lamb is among the very best we have ever tasted,’ says Pervin Todiwala.

For his part, Cyrus Todiwala (who last year was named one of the UK capital’s most influential foodies by the London Evening Standard) shares a little known fact about Indian cuisine, and one that could shed some light on the bangers and burgers menu he’s bringing to Abergavenny this year.

‘Indian culture is all about grilling,’ Cyrus says. ‘We may even have brought the world the brazier, which is a rectangular charcoal grill that
you can find on the streets of India, part of our lively street food culture. We call these grills sigris.’

‘What’s more, what is a burger but a kebab? A burger is a flat whole chappati kebab. We call it a flip-flop kebab…like the flat slippers that have become fashionable again!’

The real secret, perhaps, is that bangers and burgers are never out of fashion at a festival. And it’s the unique combination of fine meat and exceptional spices that distinguishes a good from a great dish. Try them with Mr Todiwala’s Splendidly Spicy Pickles and Chutneys, once again in the Brewery Yard. Like everything about Cafe Spice Namaste, they’ll make your taste buds tingle!


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3 Responses to Cafe Spice Namaste goes native this festival weekend

  1. Anonymous says:

    Cyrus Todiwalas pickles are to die for the Wild Boar is excellent but all the range are very very good

  2. Anonymous says:

    The main reason I’m going to the Food Festival is to have food from Todiwalas. He used to be the chef at the Taj hotel in N. Goa (which I know well) and the food is totally authentic. I can’t wait!

  3. NICFIO says:

    His demonstration in the market hall was the highlight of our trip to the festival. He was witty, informative and straight to the point.

    We are now definite fans of his.

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