The Secret Supper Club – take part in a brand new food show for Channel 4

The Festival is passing on an invitation to invite you participate in / contribute to an exciting new TV food show. Here are the details:


We are the producers of a brand new food show for Channel 4. We’d like to meet local food lovers, food producers and food retailers with big personalities and a passion for local produce.

During October we hope to film in and around Monmouthshire for a programme in which we aim to cook up the perfect local Supper. And we need your help to find the ingredients or produce to inspire a starter, main course and pudding. It could be anything from lamb, cheese & fish, to fruit, vegetables, beer, cider & wine, or cakes and puddings!

What recipe, ingredient or product would you chose to represent the region?

If you have a love of cooking, growing, brewing or baking, or if you just enjoy eating good food and think you could help, we’d love to hear from you. You need to be outgoing and happy to appear on TV.

What is involved?

We’d like contributors to bring their food items to a special event at a yet to be confirmed Monmouthshire location, to meet our chef and food expert and explain their suggestions.  This will be filmed for possible inclusion in the programme.

We’re also seeking especially adventurous people to appear as ‘helpers’ in the show, working with our chef and expert to create the special meal that will be the centrepiece of the TV show.  To take part as a helper you must not only be available to bring your food item to the above mentioned event, but must also be available for two following filming days.

If you or anyone you know would like to take part then please contact us at the number/email below to find out more.

Boomerang+ Television is based in Cardiff and is one of UK’s largest Independent production companies.

With thanks. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please contact our Assistant Producer:

Holly Wallace

Or call the production office on 02920022618

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