Recipe of The Month – from Anand George of Chai Street in Cardiff

Mutta Curry (Egg Curry)

A signature dish and part of Chai Street’s mission to convert people to the joys of Indian breakfasts.  As in Britain, egg is a favourite feature of Indian breakfast dishes. This is mild and gentle creamy curry to start the day, much favoured in the southern coastal region of Kerala.  It is traditionally served with Appams (rice pancakes) or String Hoppers (rice noodles) but these can also be substituted at home by a soft bread roll (known as a Pao in India)


Oil – 80gms
Cloves – 4 pieces
Cinnamon – 2 pieces
Eggs – 8
Tomatoes – 100gms
Green chilli – 10gms (3 pieces)
Salt – 10 gms
Onions – 500gms
Ginger – 10 gms
Curry leaves – few sprigs
Turmeric powder –  2gms
Coriander powder – 12gms
Madras curry powder – 3gms
Water – 650 ml
Coconut milk – 400 ml


Oil – 30gms
Shallots – 50gms
Curry leaves – few sprigs
Chilli powder – 1 gms
Coriander powder –  2gms
Curry powder 1gms


  • Boil the eggs for 11 minutes starting with cold water and a pinch of salt.
  • Cool the eggs, peel and cut into halves.
  • Slice onions, green chilli, tomatoes and julienne ginger.
  • In a pan heat the oil, add the cinnamon and cloves and allow it to crackle.
  • Add the julienne of ginger, sliced green chilli, curry leaves and onions.
  • Cook them on a slow heat without browning the onions, add the salt and cook until onions are soft (approx 15 min).
  • Add turmeric powder, coriander owder and madras curry powder to the mixture and stir for a while without burning the masala.
  • Add the sliced tomatoes and cook until the tomato becomes soft and mixes with the onions.
  • Add 650ml of water and bring to boil and let it simmer for 10-15 minutes.
  • Add coconut milk and simmer for a further 5 minutes and keep to one side.
  • For tempering: Heat oil in a pan, add sliced shallots and cook until golden brown, add the chilli powder, coriander powder, curry powder and curry leaves then add this mixture to the cooked curry.
  • Check the seasoning then add the boiled eggs and serve hot.

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