Crooked End Farm Organics – Proud Sponsors of the Festival’s Masterclasses

Crooked End Farm Organics: Good Honest Food              

Crooked End Farm Organics is a food hub for fresh and healthy locally produced organic food. They passionately believe that organic food should be traceable and affordable, and they do this by sourcing direct from the producer and delivering direct to the customer.  Find out more at:, email or meet them at Hay-on-Wye, Hereford, Skenfrith and Chepstow markets.

“You can see why we changed our lifestyles from being bankers and army officers to sustainable organic farmers – swords into ploughshares, literally!  We work hard, but it’s worth it to provide great, affordable food and support a wide array of very talented local producers.  We are excited that we will be the local village shop, a community hub and an educational resource to local schools” (Brenda, Bruce, Anya, Barrie and Ciaran)

Crooked End Farm Organics is sponsoring the Festival’s prestigious Masterclasses by contributing the produce which will be used in the demonstrations.

……… Meet them over the Festival weekend at STALL 96 in Tiverton 1 and try their delicious pies and (Gloucestershire) scotch eggs – as loved by Michelin-starred chefs and famous food writers.

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