Stop Press! First guest names announced for 2010

We are delighted to welcome back Jekka McVicar, the Queen of Herbs. At Jekka’s Herb Farm near Bristol, Jekka and husband Mac have built an unparalleled reputation as the Uk’s leading growers of organic herbs.  Jekka is herb ‘guru’ to many top chefs, including Jamie Oliver. Look out for Jekka’s Herb Cookbook which comes out in June.

Take tea and sandwiches with food writers Helen Saberi and Bee Wilson while they discuss Tea and Sandwich – their new additions to the delightful ‘Edible’ series of food memoirs published by Reaktion Books.

We are really looking forward to welcoming Jose Pizarro, the Spanish chef from rural Extramadura, who is the culinary wizard behind Borough Market legend  Brindisa’s highly successful foray into a trio of London eateries.

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1 Response to Stop Press! First guest names announced for 2010

  1. Gina McAdam says:

    This is all lovely news and we at Cafe Spice Namaste are delighted to be on board again this year, with our range of Mr Todiwala’s products…our Splendidly Spicy and Deliciously Hot Pickles and Chiutneys…Minted Mango and Ginger Relish, one of our hottest sellers, is on its way, along with our Great Taste Gold Medal Parsee Wedding Pickle. But watch out this year for our new range of cooking sauces, in five restaurant-quality varieties, all made at Cafe Spice Namaste to Chef Cyrus Todiwala’s indomitable standards. There may be some other suprises in store. We certainly look forward to seeing everyone again!

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