First Festival Patron

We are delighted to announce that Franco Taruschio OBE, Abergavenny’s own legendary chef, has accepted an invitation to become the Festival’s first Patron. Franco, together with his wife, Ann, has been active member of the Festival Board for most of the last decade.

In 1963 he opened the Walnut Tree Inn near Abergavenny, which rapidly become one of the most celebrated places to eat in Britain, gaining a coveted Michelin Star. The great food writer Elizabeth David claimed it was the restaurant she most looked forward to visiting.

Franco has spent half his life reinventing Welsh cooking, combining the skills of his native land with the fresh ingredients of his adopted one, such as wine and oil from his village, Montefano, truffles and Parmesan cheese.

In recent years he has run his own cookery school and now helps Stefania Ghergo of The Gallery Hotel, with his cookery school in Marche.
He is looking forward to his new role as an ambassador for the festival.

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